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Hiking group to offer Jeju Island trip. Located in a nice and fast growing section of Seminole, it is off the beaten path yet has become a destination salon for the quality of the services. With this beautiful coffee-table guide to little-known places, Lonely Planet does what it does best: Few tourists make it as far as Kayah state and it's so off the beaten path. While most world time watches only show the standard 24 time zones, the Overseas World Time has 37, accounting for the seldom-referenced half and quarter zones situated in remote corners of the world, daring its wearer to venture off the beaten path.

From what I am told there are further improvements needed, particularly in areas off the beaten path where offenders think they can perpetrate their criminal and anti-social behaviour unseen. Tackling criminals as funds shrink. Unique and wholly captivating. It sucked me in, caught me, and wouldn't let go. Very very highly recommended! View all 4 comments.

Sep 22, Jenni Lea rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 16 comments. It's hard to come up with a new approach to a werewolf based narrative but this one did that. The idea of werewolves being created via a military experiment gone wrong wasn't new, but the secrecy and use of the pack Alpha's as black ops was different and it worked well. There's great world building and lots of layers to this story, which is light on the steam and has a slow burn but quite intense romance at its heart. Ward was such an amazing charact 4. Ward was such an amazing character, his determination and dedication to his young daughter was admirable and I loved how he was willing to put himself in danger for her.

Henry was a complex character too, struggling with the expectations of being alpha while dealing with what was very likely a strong case of PTSD because of the missions he'd been forced into.

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There's a good, solid set of secondary characters too and I'm hoping were getting a book two with Dr Tennyson and Davis as a pairing. ARC kindly provided by the publishers Dreamspinner Press in return for an honest and unbiased review. View all 9 comments. Not much happened - action wise - but it was a good enough , enjoyable read. The book centers around Ward Johannsen 31 and alpha werewolf for La Garita pack and an elite black ops soldier, Henry James Dormer how old? Ward's daughter Ava Johannsen 4 shifts and becomes a werewolf and gets taken away from Ward and shipped off to the nearest pack, with all ties between father and daughter severed.

However, Ward isn't about to let go of his daughter, so he tracks her down though - though not easy - and refuses to leave her, which is also where he meets Henry. Henry, who just come home from a failed mission, was not overall ready to met the strong headed Ward who'll do anything for his daughter. He also didn't think he'd gain respect for the man, nor find calmness of his presence. Then there's the werewolf politics, and meddling government agencies, timelines and guardians who aren't kind He's willing to give up his life for her, so trying to separate them is not a wise choice.

Henry is tortured from everything he's been through; being an elite black ops soldier who's forced to do things many wouldn't survive and still come out of it with love and kindness in his heart. But that doesn't mean he's necessary nice, or talkative or lively or laughing, or ready to trust easily.

But he's good, and once one earns his loyalty, you have it forever. Together they are kinda great. The second characters were cool too, though I wished we had gotten more of Davis , or that this book was a series. Would have kinda been awesome if we could've gotten more from the pack. Will I read this again in the future?

Jan 18, Shile loves books rated it really liked it Shelves: Not your usual shifter story but the story was captivating enough for me to keep going. The Mc's Ward and Henry were likable. This is the second Cari Z book i have read. Her writing is different from what i am used to but in good way.

The romance was a slow burn with no smexy times on page. I felt like it was more of Ava's story. It was like watching a movie about a father looking for his daughter. The secondary characters were well developed and the writing was good. If you are looking for an angst-free, sweet, low-steam, well written shifter book then this is for you. If you are looking for Mine! After this book i really need a book with hot smexy times. View all 12 comments. Aug 31, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: The government pretty much rules the werewolves by forcing packs into special territories, guarded by a guardian whose job is to keep werewolves from the spotlight.

The Alphas are forced into military service involving black ops to do what regular humans cannot do. The story captured my attention from the first chapter when Cari Z. Off the Beaten Path , is a compelling read with strong world-built and sympathetic characters. It is a world where werewolves are treated badly by the government. Alphas come back from black ops without getting proper medical care for PTSD. Written from dual perspectives of Ward and Henry, the relationship between the two men moves at an unrushed pace.

He also has to deal with small frictions from suspicious pack members, a young werewolf making a move on forbidden wolf, as well as reporting to his bastard boss. I hope Cari Z. No high rating is required for any ARC received. Sep 17, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it really liked it. Very good Cari Z werewolf story! View all 3 comments. Aug 25, Jaime rated it it was amazing Shelves: A captivating story with great characters, excellent world building, and a storyline that keeps you fully entertained!! Full review here at Alpha Book Club 5 stars. Jack Wesley's narration made an already great book terrific!

Told in a dual third person POV with a sweet HEA, this story is filled with interesting world building, great, well-fleshed-out characters, and a compelling plot. This was absolutely entertaining. I don't know where or what Jack Wesley has been doing before audio narrating, but he did such a fantastic job with this that I was shocked this is his only title on Audible. His breath sounds are great, his tone is even, his pacing is great, he Jack Wesley's narration made an already great book terrific!

His breath sounds are great, his tone is even, his pacing is great, he provided clear character voices, and he added emotional depth to the story. This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews. Filled with interesting world building, great, well-fleshed-out characters, and an interesting plot this was a very entertaining page turner. Ward Johannsen is willing to do anything to get his daughter, Ava, back.

Removed from his care by Federal agents after she shifted into a werewolf, she is sent to a remote werewolf pack without Ward even being able to see her again. Ward uses every resource he has available to find her, and faces possible death in the Colorado mountains tracking down her new pack, to be with Ava again. Henry Dormer is the Alpha of Ava's new pack and it's when he returns home after a failed assignment and meets Ward that the story really takes off.

I hated how badly the werewolves are treated in this world. Werewolves are certainly less than second class citizens and Alpha werewolves are treated even worse by the federal government - using them for black and extremely dangerous military operations. I really liked the way their relationship progressed and that the passion in this isn't excessive but fits with the storyline.

There were a few small proofing errors, but hopefully those will be caught and fixed prior to final publishing. In the world the author created to host her characters, shifters are forced to live mostly isolated from humans in an effort to minimize the posibility of them "turning" someone. The packs are extremely restricted and everything they do is monitored by the government.

The werewolves are thought of as less than humans, as a subspecies that should be contained. It was very hard to read about the way they were forced to live. War "Off the Beaten Path" is an interesting paranormal story with shifters. Ward and Henry, the MCs, weren't true mates or destined to be together or anything like that.

They were just attracted to each other and decided to do something about that. I wasn't expecting such a simple connection between the MCs in a shifter books and was pleasantly surprised by it. Even though the story had good bones, ultimately, the execution was very simple. There were a lot of things going on but everything was getting resolved very quickly and effortlessly. Every problem, every situation was explored only on the surface and the characters never delved deeper.

It was delt with and they moved on with minimal effort and that was that. I would have liked a bit more conflict, more effort on the characters' parts before everything fell into place. I listened to the audio version of this book, narrated by Jack Wesley. He did a very good job with the story, changing his voice appropritely in a way that the characters were easily separated and even managing to provide a french accent for one of them.

He was speaking clearly and there never was any problem with understanding him. This review has been cross-posted on The Novel Approach Reviews. View all 6 comments.

Aug 22, Kazza rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book. Inhaled it in a day. Was so happy to have found it because I'd been kicking around between books, unable to find something I wanted again. When I saw this I knew I had to read it and it did not let me down. Being vaguely general, this book contains - A somewhat different spin on the standard shifter world s - the pack structure, origination, lands, government intervention While it isn't dark per se, it can be emotional and definitely elicits strong feelings It's first class st I loved this book.

Being vaguely general, this book contains - A somewhat different spin on the standard shifter world s - the pack structure, origination, lands, government intervention While it isn't dark per se, it can be emotional and definitely elicits strong feelings It's first class storytelling The MCs are terrific and supported well by secondary characters and situations It isn't particularly steamy but there is a bit of sex - it's romantic and right for the story If you like well written shifter books with great characters and plenty of feelings then I can't recommend Off the Beaten Path highly enough.

Sep 14, Sheri rated it really liked it Shelves: And to be even more precise, I prefer shifter stories. However, I am the first to thrust out grabby hands when a trusted author creates a new shifter story. And of course, a mega dose of love. Ward is introduced first and what makes him remarkable from the start is his unconditional love for his daughter. Ward is human, a single father, and determined to find his stolen daughter…at all costs. Who abducted his daughter?

This is not a free world; this is a place where laws are stringently enforced and lives are controlled.

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Werewolves are forbidden to interact with humans unless the government deems it necessary. Few humans are granted clearance to bridge the gap between the species. The price of being an assassin is slowly destroying Alpha Henry and when he returns from a string of exhausting assignments to discover an unauthorized human on his land, he nearly loses the fragile hold of his sanity. Something close to comfort. Ward only cares about one thing, his daughter Ava, but before he knows it, he finds himself drawn to the big bad Alpha.

Is there a way he can have both? I found this tremendously helpful and it heightens the ability to connect and understand both men. Packs are held together by respect and obedience. His biggest dilemma and priority is Ava, the toddler pup seemingly stuck in her wolf form. He needs to find a motivating factor to lure her back into her human form.

Her father is exactly the incentive needed to stimulate her shift.

Off the Beaten Path

But it takes time, and time is not on their side. I enjoyed the urgency and steady pace.

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I really liked Ava! It was easy to fall for Ward. Until the leader of the pack returns home. When Henry finally lets his guard down the tenderness is overwhelming. I adored his sister and the strength she adds to their story. Overall the story is unique and terrific but the greatest assets are without a doubt the characters. Top it off with some comic relief and some sexiness and I was one happy reader. AND…it looks like this might turn into a series or that could just be me hoping it will. The romance is slow but steady. Family is the core of this story. A father and daughter and a tight-knit pack, both fuel the fire that heats this tale.

This book is for: If you seek superior shifts like I do or consider yourself a Cari Z. Sep 07, Sara added it Shelves: Cari Z took the genre of shifters and added a little something extra to it. She plays with the tropes well known in the genre and then takes it to an almost dystopian level that made this a truly unique read for this redhead.

Ward Johannsen is on a mission. His four year old daughter Ava has been taken from him because she shifted into a wolf on her first day of school. Now Ward himself is not a werewolf but apparently the werewolf mutation 5 Hearts Well this was different and different is good. Now Ward himself is not a werewolf but apparently the werewolf mutation was passed to Ava through her mother and the stress of school and being away from her dad caused the shift.

Henry Dormer is the alpha of the La Garita and takes his role seriously. He knows the hardships and heartache that comes with running a pack and without the love and support of his sister Sam, Henry would be lost. When he comes back from his latest brutal mission as an elite black ops soldier to an unfamiliar smell and human in his house, things get complicated fast.

Let me take a minute to tell you a brief summary of this shifter world. The mutation can be hereditarily passed or passed through fluids with say, a bite. Most with the mutation have their first shift when they are young and are swiftly taken to a secret compound of sorts where the pack lives under the thumb of the US government and treated…well, treated like dogs. The alpha of each pack is forced to perform for the military doing the most gruesome of missions and the government decides when and how pack members will be eliminated.

As a parent, all I could think about was how much this tiny baby of a girl needed the only family she had, she needed her daddy. And yet, giving us Ava as a pup is quite possibly the best thing ever in this book but I will get back to that. He was a bit scared, a bit curious and really, just in need to see his daughter. Ward will do whatever necessary to be with his daughter again even if that means never leaving the lands of the La Garita pack and actually staying with them as pack.

His first trip to the clinic to see Ava was heartbreaking and yet adorable as heck because there is one hell of a hug that happens and then we get Ava in full pup mode! One of my favorite things about shifter books in when they are in their animal form and just acting like that animal would, and Ava is adorable as a pup and yet so freaking sad.

With the help of her now Alpha Henry and her dad there, this pup is working hard to get it done. I cannot stress enough how cute Ava is. But along with the cute, there's a lot going on in this story and in this pack of wolves. We have not only the wolves but Sam who is human and married to a wolf. We have the guardian, John who is charged with protecting the wolves, but also doing his job with the government.

We have Gerald and Peggy who want their eldest Roman to take over as Alpha because they think Henry is too soft at times. We have Tennyson who is a new pack member and a doctor who has one hell of a story of his own. We have Ward with his secrets about how he even knew where to find the pack, and we have Henry who is sent on missions that are so dangerous, he fears he may not return from them.

Trust me it was. You get the normal wolf behavior of smells, scenting and hearing heartbeats, wanting to mark and mine etc. And all of that gives us a story where Henry and Ward get to know one another while they work together to not only get Ava to shift, but they work together for the betterment and contentment of the pack as the times continue to evolve.

I have so much to say still, but I will stop rambling and wrap this up.

off the beaten path

This book was great. I adored Tennyson with a fiery passion and really would love to see just how much time he is now spending with Davis. I just loved the hell out of this book. Off the Beaten Path did just that for me, it took me off my normal shifter path of reading and dropped me into a new world the author did a wonderful job of creating. If the author needs a suggestion for the next couple… I volunteer Tennyson and Davis, for reasons.

Mar 09, Sandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was just an absolute delight. See Previous Destinations of the month for better-known destinations, and Wikitravel: Destination of the Month candidates to nominate and discuss future "Off the beaten path" destinations. A few previous Destinations of the month might have been chosen for "Off the beaten path" instead, if the feature had existed at the time:. Just click any blue "Edit" link and start writing! Previously Off the beaten path. Retrieved from " https: Views Read View source View history.

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