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The Iron Hunt

Please, someone try it. For someone slapped with a violently pro-active personna she did absolutely fuck all. All growl and no bite. The original premise was a good one but unfortunately it was poorly executed. By the end I still didn't fully understand what had changed from the beginning. It's taken me four excrutingly long months to finish this and that's with skimming.

On the 12th April I said: I will congratulate anyone who managed to finish it. Those who gave this book 5 stars is not my friend.

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Was auch immer man tut, der erste Band passt nicht zu den Fortsetzungen, entweder wegen dem Cover oder wegen dem Format. I am finding it difficult to write the review because while there were many things I enjoyed about this book, there were also some things that weren't so great about it. I love good worldbuilding, and Liu has built an intriguing mythology with this series. I was very happy with the ending as well But it's tough being the only girl in an all-guy world, especially when three of those guys start making her life more complicated: But when the "Death Starr" is brutally murdered and Evie is the number-one suspect, she's suddenly besieged by the evil-not-dead-enough and Meredith's furious specter. Read this review in context at FantasyLiterature.

I've just offended people but I don't care. I hate every character so far except maybe this homeless teenager who's probably just a flash in the pan. It's frustratingly slow and sparse on the background details. Good bits are few and far between. It's a challenge read so I have to finish. View all 29 comments. Jul 28, Brownbetty rated it it was ok.

At once a reasonably good book and somewhat disappointing. Maxine Kiss, oh dear is the latest in a long, lonely line of female demon hunters. Protected by a pact with a group of demons who live on her skin as tattoos, Maxine knows that one day she, like her mother, will be abandoned by the demons who protect her, in favour of her daughter. On that day she will inevitably die, suddenly and violently, when the demons she hunt get their retribution. It sounds promising, and in so far as it goes, i At once a reasonably good book and somewhat disappointing.

It sounds promising, and in so far as it goes, it delivers, but the book is so clogged with backstory, suppressed memories, mysterious visitors, and romantic interests with magical powers that I thought I was reading book two. I checked the author's webpage: The reader is simultaneously introduced to Maxine's heritage, and the reveal about how much of her heritage has been concealed from her, with the result that two potentially interesting stories become one confusing and dull one-- we need to learn what Maxine believes to be true before we can care that it's false, but when you already know it's false, there's not much point in learning about it.

If this author is taken severely in hand by a merciless editor, she will produce pretty good books. Oct 03, Lexxie un Conventional Bookworms rated it it was ok Shelves: Quite different from what I expected based on the summary, The Iron Hunt is a story in which all kinds of secrets are being kept very close to the vest by most characters, and thus, the whole storyline and plot became a little dis-jointed to me.

This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews. May 01, Kelly rated it it was amazing. Liu's The Iron Hunt , and it's just about perfect as opening lines go. It's the primary reason I bought the book. Not only does it draw the reader in, eager to find out how and why this happened, but I'm also pretty darn sure it's an Angela Carter reference. I love Angela Carter. It would be misleading to suggest, though, that Marjorie M. Liu has a different style, one all her own.

Liu's style is unusual and won't be to everyone's taste. However, I found it visceral and poetic at the same time, and especially good when describing violence and magical visions. A couple of examples: Shoulders broad as mountains. Stinking with sweat and winter wool. I could not see faces for shadows, but the zombie in the suit leaned close. Crooked his finger like a hook. Swift dreams, black and white like old scratchy movies tinted and blurred with age.

I dreamed in sparks and moments, and saw women in moonlight, pale as snow, hair as black as a raven's wing--steel in their hands, always, sword bound, hair bound, in sunlight, tattoo bound--and I flew with them, I ran, and their bodies merged into one, a woman large as thunder, with eyes like the starry night, and wolves at her back. Liu blends the myths of many cultures into her story, mixing Sumerian, Asian, Celtic, and Greek in a way that never feels forced or awkward; instead it gives the reader the sense that all of these cosmologies are valuable but incomplete shards of one vast long-forgotten whole.

Liu's Seattle is painted in--I'd say vivid color, but this is Seattle, so it might be more accurate to say rainy grays. There is a real sense of place in The Iron Hunt. A small gripe, and this may be a case where the cover-blurb writer sold the novel writer short: The blurb gives the impression that this is a major focus of the story when, in fact, the heroine and the love interest are already involved and their relationship is written more as background than as plot. I gather that this romantic subplot was actually resolved in a previous short story by Liu.

The real plot has more to do with Maxine's discovery of new and frightening powers and her growing awareness of her mother and grandmother's history. I highly recommend The Iron Hunt to anyone who likes urban fantasy, tough female characters, and unique prose. Read this review in context at FantasyLiterature. Nov 25, Pamela rated it liked it Shelves: The Iron Hunt is a strange book.

It took a while for me to get into it, but halfway through I was completely engrossed. However, by the time I got to the end, I was also completely confused. I love good worldbuilding, and Liu has built an intriguing mythology with this series. I don't like books with infodumps that introduce you to the world all in four paragraphs at the beginning, and luckily, The Iron Hunt isn't one of those books. My problem, though, is that Liu never really gives a clear pict The Iron Hunt is a strange book.

My problem, though, is that Liu never really gives a clear picture of the world through the showing as opposed to the infodump telling. She tosses hints through riddles and visions, but I had trouble putting everything together and buildling a clear mental map of the different planes of existence. The only consolation I take from this is that Maxine Kiss, the protagonist, seems just as confused as I am.

I'm hoping this means that in future books in the series, as Maxine's understanding of the world grows, the reader's will as well. I see that as the sign of a great writer, and I know that I love Liu's writing style and incredible imagination. I suppose I'll have to read the second book to see if that's where she's heading. Speaking of the writing style, I do have to admit that it took a while for me to get used to the very choppy first-person narration. Maxine seems to think in short sentences and fragments, and that's hard for me to read. It's not fluid, and my brain stumbles over it.

After I got used to it, though, I realized that it works for Maxine. It suits her aloof personality, and when her narration shifts into longer, more descriptive sentences, I could really feel her character changing. I'm left with kind of a conundrum here. I did enjoy the book, but at the same time, I feel like the book didn't give me enough. I'm hoping that the rest of the series will shed more light on the incredibly intricate world and Maxine's complicated place in it. May 28, Summer rated it it was ok Shelves: I seem to be going through quite a few books that I DNF do not finish.

I just don't have the patience or desire to continue reading something if it feels like a chore. Liu but the writing was sort of choppy and confusing to go through. You may also read my review here: Maxine is a Hunter,from a long line of Hunters,tasked with keeping demons in check. He veneer of normality t You may also read my review here: He veneer of normality that Maxine has cloaked herself in is shattered when she is accused of the murder of a private investigator.

Her investigation will lead her to a man who may have much to do with her past and creatures that hint at the possibility of a coming apocalypse.

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It certainly caught my attention,and I ended up staying glued to the pages. Maxine is a tough girl,make no mistake,and her tattoos are,um,unusual. During the day,they are her armor. At night,the tattoos come off and coalesce into five seriously rough and tumble little demons. Zee seems like the alpha guy of the group,and the only one that Maxine actually speaks with.

I mean,these little guys can devour a baddie in seconds,like to cuddle teddy bears well,pieces of teddy bears ,eat tools and other various non-edibles somehow the author makes this charming,seriously ,and will do anything to keep Maxine safe. I also like her concept of zombies. Maxine is convinced the lot of them are up to no good,but Grant is convinced they can change,and he just might have the ability to make that happen.

This is just another one of the stunning discoveries Maxine will make during the story. She knew Grant had some magic,but just how much remains to be seen. Her devotion to him is unshakeable,however,and her strength,tempered with an aching vulnerability are part of what make Maxine a heroine to root for. The author has a wonderful way with words,and has created a world rich in mythology,ghosts,demons,and plenty of darkness although there is light at the end.

View all 3 comments. Dec 01, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: The second paragraph of the jacket copy I've included the complete copy at the bottom of this post for reference is too vague and describes a very different type of plot. It's not inaccurate, but it's misleading. From its wording, I expected it to be a romance.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. CL Parks has had a passion for writing since reading She Who Hunts (Demon Hunters Book 1) - Kindle edition by CL Parks, Skullbone Creek Creations. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks. She Who Hunts (Demon Hunters) (Volume 1) [CL Parks] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Tenna Massey's past is about to catch up with.

It took quite a while before I could shake off the disconnect between the copy and the text, which meant I didn't get to enjoy this book as much as I could have. By night, they unwind from The second paragraph of the jacket copy I've included the complete copy at the bottom of this post for reference is too vague and describes a very different type of plot. But such is the way of Earth's last protector--the only one standing between humanity and the demons breaking out form behind the prison veil. It is a life lacking in love, reveling in death, until one moment--and one man--changes everything Jun 25, Michelle Gilmore rated it liked it Shelves: The short story was good, held my interest, and had me looking forward to Iron Hunt.

However, when I trying to read this novel, I found myself struggling to stay interested. There were also moments where I found myself confused as well. Also, new characters seem to be added at every turn, and when your already con As suggested, I read the prequel to Iron Hunt in the anthology Wicked Things. Also, new characters seem to be added at every turn, and when your already confused, just gets really frustrating. I do have to say that I liked the world that the author had built with demons,demon slayers, and other realms etc I do look forward to reading book 2 in this series at some point.

Jun 02, Esra rated it it was amazing. D I've to read the second one too. This was so good! Feb 24, Melissa Hayden rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is a great beginning to a unique series idea. This book introduces you to all the characters and given what you need to love them, along with the fast pacing to keep you going. The book is VERY well written to make me love and hate the characters with Maxine as we go through the story.

I loved how there are many different demons and creatures. By the end of the book, I felt I knew the characters well, but had many curiosities of them. My curiosities were not from a lack in the story, b This book is a great beginning to a unique series idea. My curiosities were not from a lack in the story, but more of my thinking on the characters afterward. Where they are from and what they could truely be capable of. There are things here that Marjorie lays out for you to foresee in the story, but there are so many unpredictable happenings, and appearances as well.

You get pieces of the plot to puzzle together as the story goes and it keeps you wanting more. I didn't want to put the book down. Another great book where I tried to make stopping points but just could NOT find one, I had to keep reading to find out what happens and what creature am I going to meet next. The references are in no way over done. I enjoyed the subtlety of them, since I too am an '80s lover. One of my favorite characters in the book were the tattoos. The way they live, protecting Maxine both day and night in different ways. The way they help guide Maxine even when they are sleeping.

This is an amazing creation that I look forward to reading more of. The only thing with this story was I felt, in the first fifty pages or so, I had missed some information. Maybe I missed a story that preceded this book or maybe this is information that is left open to be discussed in future books. Either way it did not hinder the book in any way and keeps a little mystery in the book and future installments for me.

In the end, I loved this books' plot and the characters. I would recommend this book to anyone loving paranormal books. Jan 22, Meredith Morgenstern rated it it was ok. This book gets major points for originality. I love the demon tattoos. I like that the romantic interest is disabled - so rare to find people of various physical abilities in books.

As others have mentioned, I love the opening line: What I couldn't really get comfortable with was the writing style. Lots of choppy sentences, which have a place in action scenes, but for the whole This book gets major points for originality. Lots of choppy sentences, which have a place in action scenes, but for the whole book gets annoying. Maybe because of this, the plot gets hard to follow: As a writer I understand the concept of "show, don't tell," but at times it was hard to follow what was metaphorical versus what was actually happening.

Maybe it was just me, but based on other reviews, I don't think so. Still, I can see why this book will appeal very strongly to some readers. As urban fantasy goes, it's a creative, new, and fun addition to the cannon. She kicks butt and has a heart of gold. She rises to the challenges presented to her and respects her long and honored heritage. That said, Maxine is also a lot of urban fantasy heroine tropes: Liu has created a well-built, well-thought out fantasy world that I very much looked forward to diving into and exploring.

And, while I'm glad I did, I thought this novel was a bit rough. The writing style is exhausting, the MC tropes are overdone, and I wish the rules of this world had been clearer. Yes, "info dumps" are bad, but we the readers need some explanations. I'll see if the next books in the series grow and mature with Liu as a writer.

I really hope they do. May 24, Bunnycore rated it it was amazing Shelves: By day she is immortal, by night when her tattoos peel from her skin and become her 'boys' she becomes mortal. She had the best body guards in the world. They need her to survive and she needs them too. They are her friends, her family, and the only demons she loves. The Iron Hunt, is full of suspense and Mystery. It was an excellent book. I was weary about it in the beginning until I chewed through the first pgs. I knew then that this was a The Iron Hunt.

Hunting the Demon

I knew then that this was a book I can totally get behind. You have Maxine, the Hunter. She is born to be a warden of the veil, a hunter of demons. He is something special. Loves Maxine and she him. You don't get to know a lot about him but still there seems to be more to him.

She’s His Hitchhiker Passenger & He’s A Demon Hunter

Hopefully we find out more. Jack Meddleton, is he? Read and find out what I mean. Raw, zee, dee, mal, and Aaz, her boys. Her body gaurds, her friends, and tattoos. Cheeky, and they make you smile. Rex, Grant's zombie lackie.

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Blood Mama, there is going to be so much more story behind her. You can feel it. Byron, I am not going to spoil it for you. But, there is going to be so many questions that regard him.

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The world building is fantastic, there is romance. It's romance that's already established. For some reason that make it better. There is a sex scene but it's fade to black. However, this book didn't need it. There was so much going on. That it kept you intrested. Maxine is a likeable character. Someone you can get behind. She is badass, but she isn't cocky. She listens to people, accepts help. She even asks for it. It made me want to run out and pick up the next book. Which I'm sure I will do tomorrow. I genuinely want to read more about Hunter Kiss and her boys, and Grant.

This series is going to be good. Jan 01, Naiya rated it liked it. Maxine Kiss is a Hunter with a capital H. She is the latest in a long line of Kiss women—women who wear living tattoos as armor and kill the possessed for a living. They also live alone, forming no attachments. But Maxine want more—she wants her boyfriend, Grant, and a home. Then, something powerful passes through the veil into this world, and Maxine is in its cross-hairs. And onl Maxine Kiss is a Hunter with a capital H. And only she has the dark power—locked away deep insider her—to stop it. But if she gives in to that darkness, she will lose herself and everything she loves.

It sucks to be the Hunter. What I got was a stark, crisp world and a dark mystery. There is some romance in the novel, but the book sits comfortably in the Urban Fantasy genre. For me, the biggest struggle the story faced was the seeming lack of forward momentum. Even as mysteries piled on the main character, her attempts to unravel them all seemed to hit the dead wall. That said, I loved the prose. It was a wonderful breath of fresh air in the urban fantasy genre.

Read my full review here. Nov 27, Felicia rated it liked it Shelves: Not my fave, interesting prose, but the world didn't hook me like other books.

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May 16, Jessa Slade rated it it was amazing. Demon tats that peel off the heroine's skin -- How. I would so not be a good guy if I had this ability. Jul 30, J rated it really liked it Shelves: Read this a while back and re started again, loving it just like first time. Urban fantasy with kick heroine - my first love. Je ne sais pas vraiment C'est une situation assez frustrante. Et quand finalement tout s'amorce, la fin arrive nous laissant plein d'interrogations. Mar 07, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: Maxine Kiss is the last of her kind, a tattooed Warden protecting the world from demons who pass through the Veil from their prison and take over human hosts to become zombies.

In The Iron Hunt, Maxine discovers that the Veil is falling as she investigates the death of some Maxine Kiss is the last of her kind, a tattooed Warden protecting the world from demons who pass through the Veil from their prison and take over human hosts to become zombies. In The Iron Hunt, Maxine discovers that the Veil is falling as she investigates the death of someone trying to trace her — someone who knew her real name, and not the many pseudonyms that she gives.

The threat of demons and worse coming through the Veil forces Maxine to use awesome powers that she has little understanding of or control over, and the whole world is at stake. Liu has created a disturbing, compelling and unique vision of a world spiralling into darkness. The tattooed Wardens are mysterious, and the manner in which their demonic protection hides in the form of tattoos during the day was genuinely fascinating to me. I adored the five demons who protect Maxine — they are terrifying effective as they eat the souls of demons, all spikes and attitude, but are also enormously cute as they purr like dangerous cats when Maxine offers them Snickers bars!

He danced when he moved; on the city street, wrapped in shadows: The plot was confusing — I know some writers who effectively carry their readers through moments of confusion, but Liu was not able to achieve this. I found myself more frustrated than thrilled, which is a great shame to me since I did feel that there was the bones of an excellent urban fantasy tale here.

Perhaps now the scene is set, Liu will push on in the second novel of the trilogy Darkness Calls and ensure the plot moves more smoothly. I am tentatively willing to pick it up and give it a go, but it is most certainly not going to be at the top of my reading list. Jul 30, Gwen Mitchell rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Well, it's been quite some time since I read this one, so bear with me. Initially, the premise put forth in that first little blip was enough to snag me. And then, of course - hello? Tattoos that become demons. Then there was the fact that I read Ms. And I'm hard to impress. As far as Conall's concerned, the feeling is mutual. But how can he trust a beautiful half-demon babe like Beck--when her demonic friends have the perfect weapon to destroy every hunter on earth?

With all the sparks flying between Beck and Conall, it's hard to tell who's the predator and who's the prey. Either way, love is hell--and impossible to resist. Way down south in the land of cotton, one belle's plans are soon forgotten--when Sassy Peterson drives her Maserati off the road to avoid a deer and lands smack-dab in the proverbial creek without a paddle.

The Alabama heiress should have known something weird was going on when she saw the deer's ginormous fangs. But nothing can prepare her for the leather-clad, muscle-bound, golden-eyed sex god who rescues her. Who wears leather in May? That's just the first of many questions Sassy has when her savior reveals he's a demon hunter named Grim. Why would a troop of fairies want to give her magical powers and rainbow hair? Why would a style-challenged beast called the Howling Hag want to hunt her down?

Most importantly, what's a nice debutante like Sassy doing in a place like this anyway? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I finished reading the first four books in this series recently. I must admit that I am so over the whole paranormal thing where a super hot non-human demon hunter vampire, werewolf, angel I suspected that this was exactly what I'd be running into when reading the first book.

Instead I ran into a hilarious book where a stalwart, stolid demon hunter is placed in the middle of southern, small town craziness. I loved the southern expressions and Addy's observations. Laugh out loud funny If you are looking for a funny, light summer read, this is your series.

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