The Promise in a Kiss (Cynsters series)

They are fun and romantic. This is a good one to read first as it is the story of the french mother of future Cynsters.

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What made the experience of listening to The Promise in a Kiss the most enjoyable? By all means, Simon Prebble! As with all of his stories, he is animated, passionate, and provides enough diversity in his voices, that you almost think there are multiple narrators. Who was your favorite character and why?

I really enjoyed Helena. She is a strong woman and you get a better understanding of why she made the best choice for The Duchess of St. He is always so animated and passionate. He's really one of the best I have had the priviledge of listening to! If you were to make a film of this book, what would be the tag line be? It all started with a promise I liked learning more of the background to Sebastian. We don't hear much of him in the first of the Cynster novels. We only hear of the "scandal" and it might bear a bitter taste to most who didn't listen to this story.

Not that his actions are approved by me! I just now get a better feeling as to why he was lead down that path. Of course, without that leading, we would have never had Richard and the scandal that almost wasn't! The book also gives brief introductions to the other Cynsters like Almira Charles' mother and Sebastians brothers, as well as Lady Osbortsten, who is prominant in most of the Cynster novels that take place in London! What a treat to hear my favorite book series out loud And the narration is perfection! It was difficult to wade through the first quarter of the story.

But once the couple realize they are a good match, sparks fly! Very interesting historically and characters fit beautifully into the story. Fast moving unable to stop listening for the next twist. Stephanie Laurens Narrated by: Cynster , Book 0.

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This luxurious tale of passion features a potent reading by narrator Simon Prebble. Ariele, her younger sister, was at last sleeping deeply; her fever had broken-she would be safe enough in Sister Artemis's care.

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Reassured, relieved, Helena could again seek her own bed in the dormitory beyond the cloisters. Drawing her woolen shawl about her shoulders, she stepped out from the shadows of the infirmary wing. Her wooden pattens clacked softly on the stone flags as she crossed through the gardens filling the convent's grounds. The night was icy, clear. She was wearing only her nightgown and robe-she'd been asleep when the night sister had summoned her to help with Ariele. Commonsense urged her to hurry-her shawl was not that warm-yet she walked slowly, comfortable in the moon-drenched gardens, confident in this place where she'd spent most of the last nine years.

Soon, as soon as Ariele was well enough to travel, she would leave forever. She'd celebrated her sixteenth birthday three months ago; her future lay before her-an introduction into society followed by marriage, an arranged union with some wealthy aristocrat. That was the way of her class. As the Comtesse d'Lisle with extensive estates in the Camargue and connected to the powerful de Mordaunts among others, her hand would be a sought-after prize. The branches of a huge linden threw deep shadows across the path.

Passing through them, stepping once again into the silvery light, she stopped, lifted her face to the infinite sky. Drank in the peace. So close to the Lord's fete day, the convent was empty, the daughters of the wealthy already at home for the season's celebrations. She and Ariele were still here only because of Ariele's weak chest. She'd refused to leave until her sister could travel with her. Ariele and most of the others would return again in February and their lessons would recommence. Peace lay heavy on the silver-tipped bushes, shimmered in the moonlight pouring from the cloudless sky.

Stars twinkled overhead, diamonds strewn across night's velvet shroud. The stone cloisters stood before her, a familiar, comforting sight. She wasn't sure what awaited her outside the convent's walls. Helena breathed deeply, ignoring the chill, savoring the sweetness of the last days of her girlhood. The last days of freedom. Dry leaves rustled in the night.

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She looked to where she knew an old creeper, gnarled and ancient, hugged the high wall of the dormitory, just ahead to her left. The wall was in shadow, dark and impenetrable. She narrowed her eyes, trying to pierce the gloom, unafraid, even at this hour; the Convent had a zealously guarded reputation for security, which was why so many noble families sent their daughters there. She heard a muted thud, then another, then, in a flurry of thumps, a body slid and tumbled from high on the wall, missing the edge of the cloister roof to land, sprawled, at her feet.

It didn't occur to her to shriek.

The Promise in a Kiss

The man-a very large, tall, broad-shouldered man-was unquestionably a gentleman. Even in the uncertain moonlight she could make out the sheen of his silk coat, the gleam of a jewel in the lace at his throat. Another bigger gleam adorned one finger of the hand he slowly raised to push back the locks that had pulled free of his queue to fall across his chiselled features. He lay as he'd landed, half-propped on his elbows. The position displayed his chest to advantage. His hips were narrow, his legs long, well-muscled thighs clearly delineated under satin knee-breeches.

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He was lean and large-his feet were, too, encased in black pumps with gold buckles. The heels were not high, confirming her guess he had no need to add to his height. Although he'd landed on the stone path, he'd managed to slow his fall-other than a few brusies, she doubted he'd hurt himself. He didn't look hurt-he looked aggravated, disenchanted. Sebastian felt like he'd fallen into a fairytale. Fallen at the feet of an enchanted princess. It was her fault he'd fallen-he'd looked down, searching for his next foothold, and seen her step from the shadows.

She'd lifted her face to the moonlight-he'd stared, forgotten what he was doing, and slipped. His coat had fallen open; beneath the thrown back flap, he shifted his hand, fingers searching the folds.

The Lady by His Side

The Promise in a Kiss has ratings and reviews. rockycloe said: Ok, I made As I'm already up to book 17 in the series, I'm well aware of what happens. Stephanie Laurens has enchanted growing legions of fans with her sweeping tales of the magnetic Cynster men and the women who love them. With this new.

He located the earring he'd come there to get, still safe in his pocket. Some deeply buried instinct, long dormant, raised its head-recognized the moment, paid it due heed. The girl-she was surely no more than that-stood watching him calmly, studying him with an assurance that shrieked her station more surely than the fine lace at the neck of her demure nightrail. She had to be one of the convent's high-born charges, still here for some reason.

He saw one dark, finely arched brow quirk; her lips, full but unfashionably wide, relaxed fractionally. Her hair, unrestrained, cascaded about her shoulders, large wavy locks dead black in the moonlight.

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She didn't look frightened; she looked like the princess he'd thought her, supremely assured, faintly amused. He straightened to his full height but slowly. She was a small woman; he towered over her-her head didn't reach his chin. She looked up at him. Laurens infuses each scene between the two with a tension that can only come from deeply held feelings. Much as Helena tries to remain practical and keep away from Sebastian, she finds herself inexorably attracted to him again and again. The plotting has the opposite effect. Helena is in London searching for a husband to escape her rotten guardian, Fabian.

He, though a master strategist amongst the French aristocracy, has allowed this to happen for reasons that are unbelievable and damaging to his own cause. The far from compelling machinations of Fabian lead him into farfetched behavior that seems to spread like a fungus from character to character.

Soon even level-headed Helena is planning to get what happiness she can with Sebastian before having to make a grand sacrifice. How did she feel? How did Sebastian feel about the whole thing?