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Five things you didn't know about Christmas trees

When winter approaches, trees also pull water from their cells to the surrounding tissue, so that the swelling ice crystals don't burst the cell walls. This process of cold-weather preparation is called "hardening," and trees appear to rely on a combination of the seasonal light cycle and temperatures to determine when to prepare. The exact mechanisms remain largely a mystery, Strimbeck said. View image of The rare spruce-fir moss spider Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service. Far south of Siberia, on the other side of the world, Christmas trees and tarantulas go together like bread and butter.

In the southern Appalachian mountains of eastern Tennessee and North Carolina, in the US, the spruce-fir forests above metres in elevation are home to one of the world's tiniest tarantulas, the spruce-fir moss spider Microhexura montivaga.

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Of the 26 trees there were trees in the laundry room, the maid's sitting room and David Eisenhower had his own private tree in the children's quarters. How real are the lead exposure risks? Leavitt Morris, the son of Ralph, wrote an article in for the Christian Science Monitor, about his father inventing Christmas Tree lights, as he was un-aware of the Edison lights. Moat 3rd party advertising and marketing metrics provider https: Temperature might alter how fast needles age, Neufeld explained. Department of Defense , December 1, , accessed December 3, Incomplete lists from February

At only a quarter of a centimetre in length, these brown spiders are endangered and elusive. They live on only a handful of peaks, and even there, only in tiny communities. On one mountain in North Carolina, they're found on only a single rock outcrop and a nearby boulder, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Fraser firs Abies fraseri and red spruce Picea rubens provide the shelter needed to keep the spruce-fir tarantulas' rocky, mossy habitats cool and damp.

Full Shape Artificial Christmas Trees

Too much sun will dry the spiders out; too many water droplets can flush out their tube-like webs, which they weave in the miniscule spaces between rocks and moss mats. View image of Pine trees have stature Credit: Most of the Christmas trees scraping the ceilings of sitting rooms are a mere 10 years old or so. Given the right time and conditions, though, Christmas trees can become true behemoths. The tallest Douglas fir tree in the world, for example, rises It's the tallest non-redwood conifer in the world.

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A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce , pine, or fir or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the. An artificial Christmas trees is an artificial pine and fir tree manufactured for the specific purpose of use as a Christmas tree. The earliest artificial Christmas trees .

The coast redwood, also an evergreen, is the tallest tree on record. Trees likely can't get much taller, according to a study published in the journal Nature. At between metres and metres, the effects of gravity make it too difficult for a tree to push water any higher up though its tissues, the authors reported.

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The Herculean effort is even visible in the tree's anatomy, said Strimbeck, who was not involved in that research: View image of Lichens thrive on wild Christmas trees Credit: French and his co-founder and climbing partner Will Koomjian regularly ascend some of the biggest evergreens on the West Coast of the US, including the Doerner fir, the record-holder for tallest Douglas fir in the world. What they find is a layered world of life. For some of the tallest trees, the branches don't even begin until 30 or 60 metres up, French said, requiring crossbows or giant slingshots to set climbing ropes.

At the base of the tree, the forest floor is damp and spongy, but at the crown, near-constant wind makes everything cool and dry. Unwelcoming doesn't mean lifeless, however.

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The hollows and branches of giant evergreens provide shelter for birds such as the endangered spotted owl and mammals such as flying squirrels and red tree voles, which can live whole generations in one tree without ever touching the ground. Under 6 Feet A range of smaller sizes for limited spaces.

Incandescent Clear Enjoy a timeless look with pre-lit trees featuring clear, commercial-grade lights that last over 3, hours.

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Incandescent Multi Make your holiday merry and bright with a pre-lit trees that features a festive mix of red, green, blue, and yellow lights. Full A classic silhouette makes these trees our most popular choice.

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Narrow Trees with a smaller footprint — ideal when space is a consideration. Slim Slender options perfect for tight spaces without sacrificing on tree height. Flatback Get the look of a full tree, but save space with only half the footprint. Potted All the beauty of a Balsam Hill tree accented with a stylish vessel or urn. Just role the tree base into place, flip it, and attach the treetop. Professionally-shaped memory wire branches fan out on unboxing.

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The only plug you touch is the one that goes into the wall. Take a peek inside our exclusive process of creating highly realistic trees with our founder, Thomas Harman. No more heavy lifting—just wheel the tree base into place on a built-in rolling stand, flip it over, and attach the smaller treetop.

Tinsel and The Legend of the Christmas Spider

Easy Plug light strings connect through the trunk so that the only plug you need to touch is the one that goes into the wall. Simply remove the treetop and flip the base back over. Slip the included cover over the tree and roll it into storage.

Christmas Traditions and Customs

Tree stores upright, saving space. Watch how our exclusive Flip Tree transitions from storage to display in seconds. Learn About Flip Tree 1: Flip Tree Setup 1: Flip Tree Storage 0: Each tree is individually hand-shaped by professionals prior to shipping. Strong memory wire branches fan out as you set up, so fluffing takes less time. All Pre-Fluffed trees come with Easy Plug. Our innovative lighting system features pre- connected light strands through the trunk, so the only plug you need is the one that goes into the wall.

Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

Included on all pre-lit Flip and Pre-Fluffed trees. Easy Plug technology connects light strings inside the trunk limiting the appearance of wires. True Needle foliage forms a highly realistic exterior with Classic Needles placed inside for fullness. Professionally hand-strung lights are evenly spaced providing an optimal warm glow. Hinged branches fold out for easy setup and back in for simple storage.

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From quaint cabins to grand entry halls, we have the right tree for your space. Choose a tree that is 6 inches shorter than your ceiling or 18 inches shorter if using a tree topper. Choose a full tree for open areas, a narrow tree for modest rooms, or slim tree for tight spaces. Light up your holidays Choose from a variety of professionally hand-strung lighting options, from LEDs to incandescent bulbs.

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Thoughtfully placed and evenly spaced lights with minimal appearance of wires.