Harmonize Your Eating and Feel Fit as a Fiddle

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Moderately - bpm. Since he says he's been fit as a fiddle. Many of the grunge artists use dynamics to emphasize the themes of the song. An antioxidant-rich superfood providing healthy fiber, potassium, and vitamins C and B6 to support your pet's health. Incredible source of vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins, to facilitate energy production.

Pause or cancel any time. Select repeat delivery, set your schedule and check out. Price Match Guarantee Details. Researchers have found that classical music - especially compositions by Giuseppe Verdi - can significantly lower the listener's blood pressure. How songs reduce blood pressure. One of the most intriguing ways in which music improves health is its effect on the heart and circulation.

Their blood vessels dilated by 26 per cent after listening to music they found 'joyful', compared with 19 per cent after watching a funny video and 11 per cent after listening to relaxing sound recordings. Keeping blood pressure low means the blood vessels are less likely to stiffen and become blocked, which can lead to heart disease and attacks.


Dr Michael Miller, the cardiologist who led the study, now prescribes listening to music to patients. Dr Miller thinks there maybe an evolutionary explanation. Listening to favourite music triggers release of nitric oxide, helping blood vessels maintain elasticity. Other research has shown that listening to favourite music triggers the release of nitric oxide, which helps blood vessels maintain elasticity and function. Bach cuts surgery pain.

Synonyms and antonyms of fit as a fiddle in the English dictionary of synonyms

Many surgeons listen to music while operating, and it may be good for patients, too - even while they're under anaesthetic. A Swedish study of 75 patients having hernia surgery under general anaesthetic found that those who had music playing during their operation reported less pain afterwards.

This is thought to be because music lowers stress hormone levels and may trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that boosts relaxation and tolerance of pain.

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A study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, found patients who listened to a range of 'joyful' music - including Bach and Louis Armstrong - while having a hip replacement needed less anaesthetic and had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Listening to music may help the body defend itself from disease and infection, too.

A review of studies, published in by McGill University, in Canada, found music raised levels of natural 'killer cells'. British and German research published in showed listening to 50 minutes of dance music raised levels of antibodies in volunteers' bodies, probably because it reduced stress. It helps with dementia.

A study last month found that dementia patients who heard a live performance by a singer, then listened to her songs and those of others on MP3 players, communicated and remembered better. Four weeks after the experiment, many were able to recall where they were, the time of day and people's names. Their memory of recent and past events also showed improvement.

Music Theory behind Grunge Music

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Professor Odell-Miller has also found making music using instruments, singing and clapping helps dementia patients communicate. When cognitive function declines, people may not find the words they need to express themselves, she says.

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Other research supports her findings. A study of twins published in January found those who played a musical instrument were 36 per cent less likely to develop dementia. One theory is learning an instrument keeps the brain 'fitter' and more able to resist age-related damage. Music also improves heart rate variability - the intervals between heartbeats. This is especially risky if you've had a heart attack already, Dr Miller says.

He adds that no particular genre of music is best for the heart; rather, he simply advises listening to songs you love. He recommends that patients listen to something they haven't heard in a while so they get the 'frisson effect' - the feeling of a chill down your spine.

Listening to music can help your body fight infection and recover after ops

The frisson effect is associated with a release of dopamine, the brain chemical linked with feelings of reward and pleasure. You'll nod off more easily. If you can't get off to sleep, relaxing music really does help, according to an analysis of ten studies published in in the Journal of Nursing Studies. Researchers found the use of music, such as classical tracks, was effective on short and long-term sleep disorders in adults. It aids stroke recovery.

Music is proving valuable for people who have difficulties in moving, such as those who are recovering from a stroke or have Parkinson's disease.

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Their movements feel freer and they become "unstuck". She says this may be partly because music triggers a release of dopamine, a chemical messenger which is depleted in Parkinson's patients. Music also seems to stimulate the regions of the brain that control movement. Finnish research published in showed that stroke patients who listened to music every day improved their memory and attention. The researchers speculated that this might be due to music lowering depression and stress, or increasing 'neural plasticity' - brain scans have revealed that 'music, sound waves and vibration can cause changes in brain structures', says Professor Odell-Miller.

Singing can beat asthma. Singing or playing a wind instrument can improve breathing and may particularly help those with lung conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonar disease COPD , an umbrella term for conditions including emphysema. The Royal Brompton Hospital in London offers singing classes to patients with respiratory conditions.

Singing helps people learn to breathe more effectively, using the stomach muscles to take long, deep breaths. A German study published in April this year also showed that people who played a wind instrument, particularly a brass one such as a trumpet, had a lower risk of developing obstructive sleep apnoea, where the soft tissues in the neck collapse during the night, causing snoring and temporary oxygen deprivation.

The researchers said playing the instruments strengthened the muscles in the upper airways.

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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Why listening to music can make you as fit as a fiddle: Share this article Share. Often music triggers a memory, and not just a song but the time and place when the person heard it. Music seems to harmonise the body's autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for involuntary actions such as heart rate, digestion and perspiration.

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