Deadly Paradise

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It is a classic story in a setting of lush surroundings. It will take viewers on a journey to the most beautiful locations on earth and along the way unravel the truth about murderous plots. It is not uncommon for spouses to wait for the opportunity to kill away from home. Accidents are easier to fake, there are no neighbors to notice behavior, fellow tourists are preoccupied with having fun and the local police are less interested in foreigners Deadly Paradise is a cautionary tale.

It has a mood that hints all is not well in paradise.

Deadly Paradise (2016)

Nothing is quite what it seems. Human passions are driving people toward unseemly acts while all around them is bright and seemingly innocent. Someone is about to die. Written by Peter Brennan. Start your free trial. He question why Sideswipe would set himself up for a fall.

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Explaining that he suspects Decepticon involvement, Prowl asks for the chance to clear Sideswipe's name. Optimus Prime allows it. Bumblebee is sent to the crime scene to search for clues. He happens upon a piece of jagged metal made out of an unusual ore. He returns to base to present his findings to Prowl. Prowl discovers that the ore in question can only be found in a specific island in the Pacific.

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Now on the island, Prowl leads the team to investigate a nearby cliff face, finding a cave dug out in the rock. Nearing the cave's entrance, Prowl hears some sort of activity inside. He takes Brawn, Windcharger and Ratchet with him while the others wait at the cave entrance, and enters ready for battle. Within the cave, Prowl finds Decepticon gopher drilling machines. After a brief scuffle, Brawn, Ratchet, Prowl and Windcharger manage to tear the machines apart. When they exit the cave, Prowl and the others find the other Autobots missing. Prowl suspects they might be in trouble, and leads the remaining Autobots towards a domed fortress.

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En route, they encounter a woman draped in a magnificent mantle calling herself Madame Cee. Madame Cee explains that the missing Autobots are in good hands, and with a wave of her arms, reveals a horde of pig-like machines that surround the group. Prowl and his group follow Madame Cee into her domed fortress, but demands that she takes them to see their friends.

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Once within Madame Cee's home, she insists that the Autobots should put themselves at ease. Prowl kindly asks to be shown more of her home, a request that Madame Cee grants.


Directed by Michael Feifer. With Boti Bliss, Antonio Sabato Jr., Ion Overman, Madison Spielvogel. A female business woman gets in over her head after. A New A&E/Biography Channel Series: Deadly Paradise - Deadly Paradise is about evil acts in beautiful places. It is a classic story in a setting of lush.

She shows him a workshop filled with advanced technology, and explains that she remodels old, worn out machines. Mostly into more robot pigs, an apparent object of obsession for her. Prowl suspects Bumblebee and Hound lie somewhere in wait in Madame Cee's workshop, and fears that they have been tempered with. Madame Cee continues to talk, explaining that she has recently acquired a new client who fully appreciates the artistry of her work.

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Just then, Prowl spots something that wasn't meant for his eyes: Demanding who is responsible for the drawing, Prowl is answered by Ravage , who explains he is here to make sure that Megatron 's work proceeds uninterrupted. Prowl grabs Madame Cee, and escapes Ravage, sealing a door behind him to prevent the Decepticon from following.

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Prowl then forces Madame Cee to lead him to where Bumblebee and Hound are being held. He is relieved to find them deactivated but otherwise unharmed.

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Love a murder mystery with dogs, cake and English countryside plus twists, turns and red herrings? Edit Details Official Sites: Ben Eric Close and Lorrie Samantha Mathis are happily married, they have a teen son, Jesse Tony Oller and they both work in the family construction business which her father set up. It was only one small indiscretion - a brief affair, forgotten after Start your free trial. Write a customer review.

Prowl has Madame Cee reactivate his friends, and demands the whole truth from her. Madame Cee explains that Megatron is forcing her to build machines for him, and that she only ever wanted to build her pig machines. The Autobots learn that the parts Madame Cee builds are taken to another part of the island underground.

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Prowl's group finds the entrance, and proceed forward, only to find themselves navigating a veritable maze, as passageways continue to fork with no indication as to which direction is the correct one. Then, they hear Megatron's voice just before force cages drop down and capture the lot of them.

Megatron reveals himself and gloats that the Autobots will soon be deactivated. Prowl is able to use flattery to have Megatron show him how he "convinced" Sideswipe to join the Decepticons.