Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Very little academic theory or critical material, but the review essays offer clues that can tell you where to look if you're trying to make correlations. A rare intimate look inside the world of an award winning writer. Over the past few decades, Neil Gaiman has become more than an author of graphic novels and fantasy.

He has become one of THE authors. And "Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman" is more than just a homage to Gaiman's many otherworldly works -- it's also a detailed guide to his assorted comics, graphic novels and books, as well as offering insight into Gaiman and his many collaborators, and a wealth of assorted trivia and information. First, there's a nice little foreword from Gaiman's "Good Omens" collaborator Terry Pratchett "There was no natural unity between hat and man" and a steady introduction to who and what Neil Gaiman is.

Then there are the in-depth studies and analyses of his works -- Hank Wagner, Stephen Bissette and Christopher Golden go into the depths of his bestselling, groundbreaking graphic novel series "Sandman. Punch," the legendary "," the little-known "Black Orchid," the pre-Potterian budding wizard known as Tim Hunter, "Miracleman," and countless other contributions.

There's even the tale of graphic novels that never really made it out into the world, or were cut short prematurely.

Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman by Wagner, Golden, and Bisette - Bildungsroman

Gaiman's novels get the same treatment -- Wagner, Golden and Bissette don't go into quite as much detail, but they do address the important stuff, including listing and describing the poems and short stories Gaiman has written. Not to mention his work with Alice Cooper. It's pretty obvious from the start that this is a labor of love for Wagner, Bissette and Golden -- it's a colourful, slightly mad patchwork of various quotes, trivia, summaries and interviews having to do with Gaiman.

This isn't just a homage, but a sort of composite portrait of the artist and his work -- and it succeeds brilliantly. But the best part is where Gaiman himself is. Not only is there a highly detailed, extensive interview at the end and some sprinkled through the text , but also clever, lesser-known writings: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman" is the sort of detailed, intelligent tome that actually does justice to Gaiman's peculiar, haunting genius.

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Prince of Stories is an analysis, a record, and a celebration of the numerous works by acclaimed author Neil Gaiman. The book accounts Gaiman's works, from his comics to his novels and movie scripts, and it provides an analysis and comparison to other notable pieces of his and of other authors in the same genre. The analysis also pulls common themes and elements from Gaiman's stories and discusses the importance of these themes in Gaiman's world.

Prince of Stories includes hours of interviews with Gaiman as well as other authors and illustrators who have collaborated with him. Another bonus for readers is the inclusion of the beginnings of an unpublished novel and a rare comic strip by Gaiman. Prince of Stories is a thorough, detailed account of the genius of Neil Gaiman full of nuggets for fantasy enthusiasts. I am fairly familiar with Neil Gaiman's work being a comic book and fantasy admirer.

Table of Contents

Well-written, well organized, and fun to peruse, this book can be enjoyed as a cover-to-cover read or a random browse. Every story and every character are featured at length in this amazing overview of an incredible career. As is, it's a well researched book with several interesting tidbits about Neil, and even already obsessed fans might learn something new or discover a new work by him they were previously unaware of. Now I don't have to. Despite all of my criticisms, though, I can't hate this book because the idea itself is pretty cool. First, there's a nice little foreword from Gaiman's "Good Omens" collaborator Terry Pratchett "There was no natural unity between hat and man" and a steady introduction to who and what Neil Gaiman is.

I have read The Sandman, what many consider his magnum opus, along with a handful of other titles Murder Mysteries, The Last Temptation, Neverwhere, and others not mentioned in the book. This background knowledge helped me to thoroughly enjoy the book. It also made me reserve more Gaiman titles at the library. However, those not familiar with Gaiman's work should not immediately turn away from this book. The collaborators on Prince of Stories attempted to satisfy both the strong followers of Gaiman as well as the casual fantasy reader, and they did an adequate job of both tasks.

Casual fantasy readers can gain a lot of insight from and exposure to Gaiman's world as this book sternly argues that one's fantasy readership background is not complete without Neil Gaiman beware there are plot spoilers in the book. I was very pleased with the amount of the book devoted to The Sandman, including synopses and detailed literary analysis. However, it seemed that the level of detail dropped off after that. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of insight dedicated to the titles discussed in Prince of Stories.

I highly recommend this book to all Gaiman fans as well as the casual fantasy reader. Readers will walk away with a greater understanding of the great author and the genre. Reviewed by a young adult student reviewer Flamingnet Book Reviews Teen books reviewed by teen reviewers. Prince of Stories is the essential, definitive Neil Gaiman bibliography and biography. This book is truly a must-have for all Neil Gaiman fans.

It has information on every single project Gaiman has ever touched: Why inundate myself with the trivia and ejecta of the man's undeniably interesting career doing things I don't care about, like comics and graphic novels? To see w Rating: To see what all the fuss is about.

Gaiman's entire ouevre is spoilerized, which I found handy since I just can't make myself read another book by him. Now I don't have to. But really, now, the mind that can conceive the fascinating, delectably textured premise for American Gods can conceive an ending for it! Having read the plot summaries of his comics work, I know he's done it before. So what was the problem?! The collaboration with Pratchett on Good Omens isn't all his. The novelization of Neverwhere isn't a novel from the ground up.

The author himself says it was his first real novel. Nothing, the emperor's nekkid, but keep it quiet 'cause they're fun to watch. This review is Stephen's Christmas present. He hates Gaiman as much as I do. View all 30 comments. A treasure of a book. This is recommended reading for Neil Gaiman fans old and new.

This is an excellent resource for synopses and trivia on his varied work from comic books, novels and short stories. A rare and unpublished Gaiman comic book story appears in print for the first time here as well. Apr 20, Arun Divakar rated it liked it. I am a biased reviewer, I admit to it. I dig deep into the writings of most authors and make observations on them. But when it comes to Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, I tend to drool and be led by the nose to wherever they lead me to. There is this zone of comfort which I have built around these two authors and I am rather lost at trying to play critic to what they write.

I wanted a detailed look at Gaiman's literary oeuvre and chanced upon this title. The reason I wanted this was that I would I am a biased reviewer, I admit to it. The reason I wanted this was that I would not be able to find in India, a majority of the work Gaiman did in the field of Comics.

What I found was a book length fanboy work! To the credit of the writers, they have come up with the details of almost every other piece of material Gaiman has ever created. There are articles and essays he has written, there are interviews with the artists he collaborated with, there is a detailed interview with him which is the best part of the book. I distinctly remember reading Gaiman's works and write glowing reviews about them, then I read all these amazing reviews other readers have come up with.

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Over the past twenty years, Neil Gaiman has developed into the premier fantasist of his generation, achieving that rarest of combinations―unrivaled critical. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Adult/High School—Massively popular Look inside this book. Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman by [Wagner, Hank.

Then I think Damn, how did I miss that part? It never lessens my liking for his work but these occurences have made me realize that I would not probably be a good person to review his work. There was in me the need for reading a good dissection of his tales and which said what was good and what was bad. Unfortunately, I did not find it here. If you are fan of the author, try it out.

Be warned that there are plot spoilers for almost every single piece of his tales here. I have started explaining the rationale for my rating system!! What's next in line? View all 4 comments. Dec 30, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is an overview of his work as well as his life.

It is clearly a book written by friends of the man himself and has a jovial feel to it, almost like friends telling stories about one of their own to one of their own. As a reader, one feels almost included in the circle of friendship that clearly helped to generate this book.

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Virtually everything a Gaiman fan could want is included in this book, from a list of websites to discussions on characters, from family photos to cover art, and from interviews to journal entries. Gaiman's amazing accomplishments in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, and Film worlds come to life through the anecdotes and commentary in this book. A reader comes away feeling like they have known the man for years. It is not simply a cut-and-dried look at Gaiman's amazing accomplishments or life.

It carries in it the liveliness all of Gaiman's own works include. While there is nothing that a parent of a younger child would particularly object to, this is a book written for older readers, for people who have already read Gaiman's work. If one has not read his books yet, it would be giving away some of the most wonderful joys and secret pleasures of reading books written by a master.

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Gaiman is THE fantasist of our time, and his ability to shift between mediums is amazing. Considering that this book covers all of his work, some even that have not yet been published, it would be a shame to read this book before you have read or watched what Gaiman himself has created.

May 13, Patricia Ferreira rated it it was amazing Shelves: Esse livro merece 5 estrelas e merece ser lido por todos. Nov 01, John Graham rated it really liked it.

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Even though I consider myself a fan of Neil Gaiman, I never realized the amount of work he produced that I didn't know about. I am thankful for finding this book which was printed in Pretty much the entire book is a listing of Neil's work with some behind the scenes information and background from artists and other writers. I am a huge fan of his Sandman series and really enjoyed finding out some tidbits that I missed as I've read the comics over and over.

The last quarter of the book is a Even though I consider myself a fan of Neil Gaiman, I never realized the amount of work he produced that I didn't know about. The last quarter of the book is a detailed interview with Neil that pretty much covers everything you would want to know about him and his work. I think the only thing I didn't discover was what his favorite color was, though I'm guessing it's black.

Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman

In the end, I would definitely recommend this book to readers who have experienced some of his different works and would like to know more about where his ideas come from. This is not a book for someone looking for a biography or to learn how to write from Neil. All in all, I'm really happy I found it. Mar 19, Daryl rated it it was ok Shelves: No one is more a fan of Neil Gaiman than I. He's a literary hero to me, on a par with Tolkien and Zelazny.

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Maybe because of that, this book really didn't work for me. I hoped to learn more about Neil by reading this book, but didn't. The exception, is a lengthy interview with the man himself, published at the end of the book. For someone like me, there's really nothing new to be learned here. Another disappoint is the tone of the book. May 09, Audrey rated it liked it. I can't really recommend this for anyone who isn't a diehard Gaiman fan. However, there was a lot that I skimmed, just because it's so darn long and because it could've used a better editor, and heck, better writers.

I enjoyed the interview too, but aside from those I can't really recommend this for anyone who isn't a diehard Gaiman fan. I enjoyed the interview too, but aside from those things, there's not much here that would interest the casual reader, I think. Nov 17, Alisa Kester rated it really liked it Shelves: So far I've learned that Gaiman "takes the view that mornings happen to other people". I think we're kindred souls. I really enjoyed the interviews in this book, and the scattered quotes by Neil Gaiman.

I had to skip a lot of the rest; the authors give detailed break-downs of his books, and as I'm still reading most of them, I didn't want to get spoiled! I look forward to picking it up again, after I've finished a few more of his works. Mar 08, Yune rated it liked it Shelves: Picked this up when I needed to grab something to read while waiting for the talk at the venue next door to start.

If you want a synopsis of everything Gaiman's ever written, here you go. A wee bit gushy at times layered meanings behind names were of course deliberately done by a writer of Gaiman's caliber, etc. Dec 28, Steven rated it liked it Shelves: Good overview of Gaiman's work across all media, though a lot of page count is synopses so if you've read a lot of his work, it goes quickly.

Aug 18, Snickerdoodle rated it did not like it Shelves: I've loved everything I've read by Gaiman but this book is intended for Gaiman Geeks - and I'm not quite there. It supposedly 'chronicles the history and impact' of his complete works. I'm sure there are people out there who would really love this - I'm just not one of them. I'd rather just read one of his novels. Oct 14, Joan Hodgson rated it really liked it. This is an essential book for all Neil Gaiman fans.

It lists all book and stories along with synopses, character profiles and Neil's comments. The graphic and comic medium does not interest me so I just skimmed it. I have read most of Neils other stuff but this has listed books that I was not previously aware of. There are also audio versions that i look forward to. Jan 21, Angya rated it it was amazing. Well written and very informative, this is a nice recap of everything Gaiman I did skip any parts which spoiled any stories I haven't yet read May 04, David rated it really liked it.

It would not be difficult to argue that Neil Gaiman is one of the premier fantasy writers of our day. He is certainly prolific, and his works have gained critical acclaim as well as popularity. The result is a hefty volume that satisfactorily achieves the authors' purpose. Divided into sections on the Sandman material, other comics It would not be difficult to argue that Neil Gaiman is one of the premier fantasy writers of our day.

Most of the longer stories are recapped not by plot summaries, but by descriptions of the characters and settings; this frequently result in the plots being described anyway, but provides a more diverse and to my mind, complete viewpoint. For items that I had already read, the recaps provided a good memory jog. For stories that were new to me, most of the descriptions gave enough information to give me a sense of the story without spoiling the whole thing.

There is also a lengthy interview with Gaiman, a shorter interview with his assistant Lorraine Garland, and a multitude of quotes from Gaiman and others scattered throughout the book. Also included are two separate chunks of color plates, containing images of book covers, photos of Neil with family and friends, a complete 4-page graphic story reprinted from Taboo 6, and more. For Gaiman fans, the book is worth it for the interview alone.

For scholars, the annotated-bibliography aspect of the book would be invaluable. For those who have only a limited contact with the works of Neil Gaiman, this is a reliable resource for deciding what to read next. Jul 30, Sarah rated it liked it. I skimmed through this, but there's some fun stuff in it, including an excellent interview and some interesting trivia.

I couldn't help feeling that it could be a little better - that they could have gotten the rights to reproduce a lost story, or at least found some more esoteric trivia and insight than explaining the dedications, which is what was resorted to for some of the books. Also, discussing "A Game of You", they write "A careful reader cannot fail to notice Gaiman's thank-you to Jonath I skimmed through this, but there's some fun stuff in it, including an excellent interview and some interesting trivia.

I don't often read books about books, so I don't know if maybe some other analysis of the Sandman has covered that, but I felt like more needed to be said. In any case, my favorite parts of this book were the passages about the writing of various works: For example, on American Gods: Computers give you an ongoing, ever-improving first draft. Nov 10, Luciana Darce rated it it was amazing. Jun 24, Jenni rated it liked it.

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After all, people who are not big fans of Gaiman will have no interest in the thin summaries of all of his works which comprises the majority of this tome , and diehard fans will find that there is almost nothing new to be found here.