Beauty of Man and Woman Vol. XI (Bomaw Book 11)

There are loads of alternative treatments that actually WORK to balance you if you are Hyper or Hypo - you can be balanced. Because once they take it from you - you cannot get it back. You are on a road of hell where there is NO return from there. YOU will never be the same, and it could cost you everything - including the ones you so dearly love! Posted by Mercedes Keyes at Friday, October 3, Saoirse - W. Saoirse is very close to it's completion and I'm so very excited! I have a few more chapters to complete, several are already with my Beta Readers Saoirse by Mercedes Keyes It's been a while since I've blogged - mainly because it's something that is hard for me to consistently do, oh do I have a lot on my plate.

In any case, there are many who wish to know what I'm doing, what will be done - how and when. So in this blog I'll fill you in. Right now, today - my current project is Saoirse. This novel has been on the back burner for some time now. Ever since I learned of the past surrounding the Irish and their struggling through slavery, I was immediately inspired to write this fact-fiction novel.

Well, the time has now come for me to head first full into it - and I must say, there was a reason I waited.

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I needed to be in this place and time, in this state of heart and mind, to give this story justice. As many know, all I write is interracial and so it goes without saying, this story will also carry that same theme coming from me. My leading male character is Maxmilian Euan O'Shaunessey.

He came from a family well to do, but his anger and resentment toward the English landed him in the hands of the magistrate. And it is there that this story pretty much takes off. Dear reader you must prepare yourself - this is a story that will be told in all of it's true stark boldness for the drama and events that took place back then.

The following books were used for historical accuracy and my new research - they are referenced below and aided in the detail. There was so much material out there in my research for this novel that began with Mr. James, whom I thank for planting the seed while he did research for something else and he came across this information sharing it with me.

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The moment he started reading various details of it the story immediately came to life in my mind, as so many other works I've written. Once the spark is ignited it simply takes off from there. Within moments, I knew how the story would begin, what had happened and at what point it would end.

On the island of Montserrat. I saw the leading lady right from the start, Lil Pheybey and I have depicted her here. When - for Saoirse?

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I'm looking towards the end of or around the first of - in that ball park. I've learned that I must slow down in order to try and catch my typos, grammatical errors and such - no more spitting them out as I once did. And then another from my fancy series, and Rough Diamond - another that was pushed to the back burner. Following that, once more Volume 15 of Bomaw and finally Once I get that above list out, we shall see what's next to come. Posted by Mercedes Keyes at 9: Wednesday, May 14, Screening of Belle - May 13th. As we were a group of eleven, 2 arrived early and marked the spot - holding it for the rest of us who would show.

The two hour wait wasn't that bad. I talked to various ones there to get a feel for why they were there? I mean, the few black viewers, mixed couples and their daughters - it was obvious. But we were outnumbered by white and I wanted to hear from them what made them attend this showing - besides having screening passes - ie; free!

The few close by I spoke with stated they were there because they wanted to know this truth about history. They voiced displeasure that this hadn't been taught in school - and verbalized a resentment that history was edited by those who felt the majority would not care, nor care to know - about the contributions made in society by non-whites. Thus, they were there to see, learn and view this world in England that once held in it's history a woman like Dido Elizabeth Belle. A black woman of mixed parentage. An English father and an African slave mother. Of course there were those there just for the movie because it was a free screening, and yes - some to critique it.

In fact I heard a man explaining to his parents who were older, that the only factual part of the movie was the back story of the Zong case. See links below for references He made it a point of explaining that the story surrounding Dido Elizabeth Belle - was in fact fiction because if one did research on her, there was nothing to be found on her - or where or how her life went. Can I be brutally honest and say that as I listened to him, watched his body language and manner - it was clear that he had no intention of buying what might have been according to this writers interpretation - Misan Sagay - and well - yeah, I resented him for that.

Because as I am a writer myself - we spend a great deal of time imagining what might have been based on the circumstances of an event surrounding a character and the outcome of a possible situation. I felt, watching him explain this to his parents, he did not want to grant Dido Elizabeth Belle ANY of the cudos of intellect - logic - passion or input in the decision that lost the insurance claimants the case to be paid for murdering hundreds of human beings.

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He wanted them to know not to put any emotional value one might feel watching her struggle. I had to look away from that man - because I could feel why he was there - to put down - not give the benefit of the doubt to build up and learn of what may have been her struggle.

As you can imagine, I pulled all of my senses away from him and brought them back to the reason I was there. I was thoroughly drawn into feeling that she was in fact, truly this woman who had walked the halls of Kentwood House in Hampstead, England - not far from London. As I had done research on her years and years ago and recently - I feel that an excellent job was done in stitching together what might been in the middle places where there isn't much on her activities. In any case, the atmosphere was set to enjoy this movie no matter what I may have conjured from the body language and words of those here and there.

As we waited in line - sipping wine - I had Merlot - others had various other drinks, with some people enjoying their pizzas - McDonalds or in our case, Seafood gumbo, and others ribs, and sandwiches - we laughed, talked and enjoyed the wait. Finally the line started to move and we were ready to get in our seats. In we went, moving up somewhat high, and in the center aisle to our rocker, recliner seats. Fifteen minutes after sitting and all seats were taken, the lights went down and the movie began.

Date - - there was no messing around, it started out with Capt. Sir John Lindsay searching out the location of where his daughter was being held - with flashes of the woman who cared for her - dressing her. He came in to find her and the look he gave his daughter was priceless - there was a bit of surprise as well pride in his eyes - because she was indeed lovely.

I don't know if they did it on purpose but the match up of these two actors was stunning - she could have truly been his daughter. He coaxed her to him, speaking with tender kindness and affection and soon took her off with him. I loved the scene of them walking along the docks through numerous ruffians and sailors.

He glanced down at his beautiful daughter and the way those around them were eyeing her and his father instincts kicked in as he immediately picked her up protectively into his arms. I couldn't help but smile. His coachmen and others gave him odd looks as well, because she was after all, dark - mixed - a mulatto. Each scene went immediately into the next, I felt a bit too quickly at first, but they wanted to get on with the story.

I simply loved the dialog between Sir John Lindsay and his uncle and aunt when he brought Dido to them.

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They were so shocked that she was black and tore into him for not letting them know that. But he stood strong holding his daughter's hand as he explained that regardless of her color she was his and he was not ashamed of her. His parting scene when he spoke to her to help her understand why he must leave her there was so tender and touching.

He made certain to let her know, that he loved her as he had loved her mother. He was even teary eyed - well played Matthew Goode - Capt. Aaaaaah - yeah - nice scene. And the movie went on from there with the two young girls playing and growing rapidly as they passed a tree. I'm not going to give detail by detail but there were many great scenes and an interesting triangle between Dido, Sir Ashford played by James Norton and John Davinier played by Sam Reid.

The irony was that Lord Mansfield played by Tom Wilkinson didn't think they'd find a husband of a suitable match for Belle - and she ended up with two men vying for her hand. Whereas their other white niece could not get one suitor, mainly because she had no dowry. The romantic expect of the movie - growing between Dido Belle and John Davinier was well paced, and a pleasure to watch. The dignity of Belle - seeing a black woman act like a lady - demand that a man be proper and a gentlemen towards her was breathtaking for me. Men no longer feel the need to be men and respectful because women have given that strength and aspect of beauty and femininity up.

These two grew attached, and fell in love with their intellect as well being attracted to one another. It was subtle, gentle, real and a wonder to behold and see on the big screen.

It was bold, clear, passionate and vibrant and I loved every moment of it. The Zong case - with all it's controversial ins and out of that time was the perfect back drop for this movie and I loved that it was something that was really happening at that time period. I feel that Amma Asante and Misan Sagay did an incredible job with this film. There is so much more I could say, but I will end it with saying this GO and see this movie!

If it should go straight to DVD - buy them like mad, don't just rent it - buy it! Watch it again and again - because I can tell you right now, I will - oh boy will I! Amazon rates with 5 stars as the highest - oh yeah - FIVE stars! Imdb rates up to 10 stars - oh yeah - I'll certainly give it TEN stars! It will go down as my personal all time favorite movie this year - no doubt about it! Home of Quality Interracial Literature. Posted by Mercedes Keyes at 5: Simply put, it's a rip roaring laugh a minute reason to watch a cartoon! Oh my goodness, I love it - I shouldn't I know, but I do. This is what imdb.

At ISIS, an international spy agency, global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other. I must admit, what caught my eye after watching a few episodes is that the primary couple is interracial! And if you know me, you know that's what I write! Yep, that's them to the left - Sterling Archer white man and Lana Kane black woman! They are back and forth arguing, loving each other, breaking up - going for other lovers and then back again.

Bomaw - Volume Eleven: The Beauty of Man and Woman

Don't forget it's a satire cartoon but a well written one. I first encountered it while living in England - it was on Netflix and I'd watched pretty much all else I was interested in - and I kept seeing Archer and thought - what the heck, I'll give it a go! Now, I'm looking to purchase ALL 5 seasons of it to watch over again - yes I will do the rerun because it's that funny!

I don't want to like it, but I do - I just dooo! It's adult humor so the kids need to be in bed when you give it ago. Bad language and sexually explicit scenes - but not so much and so bad you can't stand to watch it. Oh man the times I've laughed out loud with Sterling Archer going on and on and being stupid, as well brave, crazy - arrogant and full of himself and you won't help but love every moment of it.

Then there is Lana Kane who pretends that she doesn't give two figs for him when all along she's longing and loving him - but she's too much of a tough lady to show it. There are other characters whom I go back and forth from liking to hating and wishing they would go away, LMBO - but they are filler and at times necessary. Since I've watched all 5 seasons I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet - but it's always enjoyable - well - season 3 was iffy - I wasn't too keen on it, it was shall we say, just kind'ah so-so - if I rated season 3 I would give it 3 stars out of 5 - but the other seasons, 5 for sure - especially the way that season 5 went.

It stars the following characters from top to bottom - my favorites I put in their photos at the top! Chris Parnell as the voice of Cyril Figgis. Amber Nash as the voice of Pam Poovey. Judy Greer as the voice of Cheryl Tunt. Adam Reed as the voice of Ray Gillette. Lucky Yates as the voice of Doctor Kriger. If you haven't started watching it yet - then hit it on Netflix and once you're caught up, it's on FX - but it's now concluding the 5th season!

Here's to hoping it'll be back for a 6th! Let me begin by saying, this is my third venture into Second Life. I know you've heard of it. Perhaps seen it - maybe even gave it a try.

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I heard about it a few years ago when it was in the early stages - it's far better now than it used to be. Back then, when you joined THEY gave you your name. Now, you pick your own. Anyway - back then, I went in - played around a bit and then left. That was it for quite some time, I wasn't in that place in life where I needed it nor was there room for it. I returned a few years later with my husband. We actually had some good times in there together - spent a few nights exploring just to see all there was to see and let me tell you - Second Life has a VAST and wide spreading world of everything you can image.

Yep, most certainly bad stuff - just like real life - but you can avoid all of that of course. The places we found that we loved to hang out were at the various ballrooms and dance halls. Oh my goodness - dressing up and hitting them - yeah - we had good times. Then we heard of some scams happening in there and basically - we came out. Now, we're no longer together. A very interesting book. This book is a great introduction to viewing human behavior and. Written with enthusiasm and verve, this book will cause us to.

This book is dedicated to mati and oce in memoriam and to. Chow Down on Dopamine. Surely the lessons of history displayed in this book convincingly show. Dopamine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The human brain uses five known types of dopamine receptors, labeled D 1, D 2, D 3.

Mercedes Keyes and Lawrence James. Beauty of Man and Woman Vol. Last updated on Jan 28, I Bomaw on your Kindle in under a minute.. Bomaw - Volume One: James Swann Images - Mitra Celebrities:: Mar 11, Bomaw - Preface - Home of quality interracial reading.

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